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adfExplorer v0.1.7 (Release date: 2023-03-05)

  • added, adf.file.mode, adf.file.time and adf.file.size methods.

  • added dir.exists.adf and improved adf.file.exists

  • Corrections and updates in manual and vignettes

  • Added pkgdown website

adfExplorer v0.1.6 (Release date: 2021-09-05)

CRAN release: 2021-09-05

  • URL fix in vignette to pass CRAN checks

adfExplorer v0.1.5 (Release date: 2021-09-04)

  • Added ‘remove.adf.file’ method

  • Updated manual and vignette

  • Minor correction to manual

adfExplorer v0.1.4 (Release date: 2018-03-05)

CRAN release: 2018-03-05

  • Fix to pass CRAN checks.

adfExplorer v0.1.3 (Release date: 2018-03-04)

  • Minor corrections to the manual.

  • Directories can now be created on the virtual Amiga disk with the ‘dir.create.adf’ method.

  • with the newly added method ‘put.adf.file’ it is now possible to put a file onto a virtual Amiga disk.

  • Functions ‘rawToBitmap’ and ‘bitmapToRaw’ have been improved and are now exported and documented.

adfExplorer v0.1.2 (Release date: 2017-11-03)

CRAN release: 2017-11-03

  • Added adf.file.exists method.

  • Modified ‘displayRawData’ to convert more special characters to dots.

  • Minor adjustments in the manual

  • Vignette contained r-code output with non-supported characters. As a quick fix the display of this output now is suppressed in the vignette.

adfExplorer v0.1.1 (Release date: 2017-10-28)

CRAN release: 2017-10-30

First release:

  • This is the first release that has basic functionality to
    • Read and write adf files
    • Detect the presence of a file system (Amiga OS 3.x and earlier)
    • List files within the adf
    • Retrieve files from within adf files